Microsoft projects tutorial

Microsoft projects tutorial

microsoft projects tutorial

Watching video tutorials online is a popular method of learning Microsoft Project. Watching online videos and tutorials is a great way to familiarize yourself. In this second Microsoft Project tutorial, we'll start to look at how to link tasks together. This will allow us to create task dependencies and not start. Getting started with Project Web App - Microsoft Project Web App Tutorial · From the course: Microsoft Project Web App Essential Training · Getting started with.

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Microsoft Project Professional 2019 - Full Tutorial for Beginners [+ Overview]

Getting started with Project Web App - Microsoft Project Web App Tutorial

Getting started with Project Web App

- [Narrator] If you've been involved in a project and, or have to lead a team, then Project Online can be a great asset for managing all your tasks and resources in a centralized place. I'm John Riopel, and in this course we will explore user features within the Microsoft Project Online cloud application, microsoft projects tutorial. We'll look at building enterprise projects, review the project center microsoft projects tutorial view, review resource allocations and the engagement process. We'll cover task and time sheet updates, status reports, and other features that support your project management process needs. Together we will review the application, microsoft projects tutorial, so let's jump in.

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MS Project Tutorial - What is MicroSoft Project?

MS project software is basically used for the management of projects. This software can be used by a business as well as home users to manage antivirus avast projects efficiently without any error.  After going through this tutorial, you will build up your MS project skills and will learn to perform different functions using MS project. 

MS Project Tutorial For Beginners 

What is Project Management? 

Project management is a process to initiate, plan, execute, control, and close the project in order to meet the specific requirements and achieve the desired goals.  Project management allows us to organize and manage the resources that are important for completing any project.

MS Microsoft projects tutorial is a Project management software that allows the users to manage the project, budget, microsoft projects tutorial, and resources.  This software is very popular for personal and professional use. The latest version of MS Project software supports features like portfolio management, advanced analytics, web access, and reporting functions. These features make the management task simpler and easier.

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MS Project Tutorial - Getting Started with MS Project

Here, we will discuss the MS Project User-Interface in more detail:

MS Project UI

  • Windows 7 - From your Desktop, click on the ‘Start’ menu and go to the ‘All Programs’ option.  Now, click ‘Microsoft Office’ and then microsoft projects tutorial 2013&rsquo. 
  • Windows 8 -  From your ‘Start’ screen, click on the ‘Project 2013’
  • Windows 10 - Click the ‘Start’ menu and after that click on ‘All Apps&rsquo. Now, go to the ‘Microsoft Office’ and then ‘Project 2013&rsquo. 

Once you have followed all the steps with respect to your Windows version, microsoft projects tutorial, the below given Project Start Screen will display on your PC. Here, you will get the different options to open the new plan, plan template, or the other plans as shown in the image displayed below. 

MS Project UI

On Project Start Screen, when a user will click the ‘Blank Project’ tab, the following screen will appear on your PC. The below-mentioned screen is displaying the interface of MS Project. 

Interface of MS ProjectThe main components included in MS Project Interface are discussed below:

  • Quick Access Toolbar: The Quick Access Toolbar is the customizable toolbar that consists of a set of different commands which are not dependent on the ‘ Tab on the Ribbon&rsquo. A user can include the buttons to represent the Toolbar Commands. 
  • Tabs on the Ribbon, Groups: Microsoft Office 2007 version has microsoft projects tutorial a Fluent User Interface. This interface has replaced the customizable toolbars and menus with a single ‘Office’ Menu, a small toolbar referred to poweriso download ‘Quick Access Toolbar’ and known as a ribbon with different tabs. Every toolbar consists of buttons and other controls. Toolbar Controls are classified into groups that can be visually distinguished and having different sizes. Groups are basically the collection of different commands. The division of the tab is done in multiple groups. 
  • Commands: Commands are used to perform specific actions in the MS Project. Every tab consists of multiple commands. When a user puts the cursor on any command, its description can be viewed in the tooltip. 
  • View Label: The view label is present on the left side of ‘Active View’ which is present on the main window.  There are different types of views included in the MS Project such ExpressVPN Free Activate Gantt Chart View, Diagram View, microsoft projects tutorial, and many more. View Label provides the information that which view the user is presently using.  
  • View Shortcuts: View Shortcuts allow the users to switch between the views that are being frequently used in the MS Project. 
  • Zoom Slider: With the help of  Zoom Slider, a user can zoom in and out of the Active View. 
  • Status Bar: The status bar displays the information like new tasks scheduling mode ( manual or automatic) and provides the information related to filters used in the active view. 
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MS Project - Create a New Plan

When a user works on an MS project,  he or she is required to provide one of the dates from the start and end date. It is necessary to provide this information as, when a user enters the dates with other project constraints such as tasks, dependencies, the MS project start calculating the other date.

Launch MS Project 

  • Windows 7- From your home screen, click the ‘Start menu and go to ‘All Programs. Select ‘Microsoft Office’ and then ‘Project 2013&rsquo. 
  • Windows 8- Open the MS Project from Start Screen. 
  • Windows 10- Click on the ‘Start’ button then All Apps>>Microsoft Office>> Project 2013.

Creating a Blank Project & Project Information

MS project includes the list of options mentioned below in the Project Information. When you open the MS Project, from the available templates, you need to click on the Blank Project as shown below. 

MS Project Information

The project sets the start date of the plan to the current date. This date is indicated by the green thin vertical line in the chart part of the Gantt Chart View as shown in the picture below.

MS Project Gantt Chart View

Project Information 

Let’s get more information about the project:

Step 1: Start Date 

  • Click on Project Tab>> Properties Group>> Project Information. 
  • A Dialog Box will appear on your screen. In the box for a Start date, enter the start date. For example- the start date is 11/5/15. You can click the down arrow and choose the date from the calendar. 
  • Tap on Ok to confirm. 

Step 2: Set up Calendar

  • Click Project Tab>> Properties Group>> Project Information. 
  • Click on the arrow present on the current date drop-down box. Here, you will see the list with three base calendars. 
  • 24 hours- Calendar having 24 hour working time. 
  • Standard -  Regular working hours from Monday to Friday with a 1-hour visual studio 2018 (8 AM to 5 PM). 
  • Night shift -  It includes the timing from 11 PM to 8 AM. The night shift includes the nights from Monday to Friday. 

Project Information 

As mentioned in the microsoft projects tutorial above, you have to choose the Standard Calendar as xsplit vcam license key 2021 Free Activators Calender for your project. Tap on ‘Ok’ or ‘Cancel’ for closing the dialog box. Now, you have to add the exceptions. 

Step 3 - Adding the Exceptions to the Calendar 

Exceptions are used for modifying the Project Calendar to have a non-working day or non-standard workday.  A user can also fix unique work hours for an individual resource. 

Example of creating a non-working day for any  office celebrations or holiday:

Click Project tab>> Properties Group>> Change Working Time.

The  Change Working Time Dialog box will get displayed on your screen.  Under the Exception Tab, click ‘Name Field’, enter the event as ‘ Company Anniversary&rsquo. Enter ‘11/22/15’ in the Start field and then enter the same in the finish field.  This day will be scheduled as the project’s non-working day as shown below in the picture.

MS Project Non-Working Day

Step 4 - Setup Resource Calendar 

You can modify the Standard Base Calendar,  in the same manner, you can also modify the working and non-working time of every resource. A user can make the modifications in the resource calendar to accommodate vacation time, flex time, training time, etc. 

Resource Calendar can be set only for work resources not cost or material resources. 

Step 5 - Change the working time for resource 

  • Click on the Project Tab and then go to Properties Group>>  Change working time. The  ‘Change Working Time Dialog Box’  will display on the screen.
  • Click the down arrow for the ‘For Calendar’ drop-down box. 
  • Choose the resource for whom you want to modify the work schedule. 
  • Click the ‘Works Week’ tab. 
  • Double-click the [default] cell present just below the Column heading. 
  • Under the ‘Selected day(s)’, select any day for changing the work schedule. 
  • Click on Set day(s) to these particular work times as shown in the image below.

MS Project Particular Work Times

Step 6 -  Create Non-Working days 

  • Click on the Project Tab and then go to Properties Group>>  Change working time. The  ‘Change Working Time Microsoft projects tutorial Box’ will display on the screen.
  • Click the down arrow for the ‘For Calendar’ drop-down box. 
  • Choose the resource for whom you want to modify the work schedule. 
  • Click the ‘Work Weeks’ tab. 
  • Double click the default cell present below the ‘Name Column Heading&rsquo. 
  • Under the Selected day, select the day for which you want to change the work schedule. 
  • Click on any day. Use the radio button ‘Set days to non-working time&rsquo.
  • Tap on the OK button and close the dialog box. 

After following these steps, you will be able to see the below-mentioned screen on your PC for setting up nonworking days.

Creating Non-Working days in MS Project

Change File Properties

Just like you can manage the file properties in your MS office, you can  also manage all the information in your MS Project file through the following ways:

Launch MS Project

  • Windows 7-From your home screen, click the ‘Start menu and go to ‘All Programs. Select ‘Microsoft Office’ and then ‘Project 2013&rsquo. 
  • Windows 8-Open the MS Project from Start Screen. 
  • Windows 10- Click on the ‘Start’ button then All Apps>>Microsoft Office>> Project 2013.

Save  the Properties

Click on the  ‘File tab&rsquo. In ‘Info’, select the option ‘Project Information&rsquo. Click on the arrow to present nearby Project information and then click on the Advanced Properties. A dialog box will appear on your screen. Here, you can type in the modification as needed. Tap on ‘OK’ and click ‘Save’ to save the changes as shown in the picture below.

Advanced Properties in MS Project

Build Task List

To accomplish the project goals, the (WBS)  Work Breakdown structure is developed. In WBS, work refers to the deliverables.   WBS identifies the lowest level of deliverables as a work package.  The decomposition of the work package is done in tasks and activities. The task is action-oriented whereas the work package is the result or deliverable of tasks being performed. 

Enter Task

Below the simple Gantt Chart View is displayed.

A user can click directly on Cell present below the ‘Task Name Column&rsquo.  

The following screen is displaying 5 distinct tasks. 

Distinct Tasks in MS Project

Enter the Duration: Task duration is the time estimation in which the task will get completed. The task duration time is estimated by the project manager by using the previous information, expert, and other important parameters.

A user can enter the task duration in weeks, hours, microsoft projects tutorial, weeks, days, and months as shown in the given table. 

Task duration in MS Project

Change Default Time Dimensions: Click on the Project Tab>> Properties Group>> Change working time>> options. 

A user can change the default time dimensions for all the projects or the project in which a user is currently working as displayed in the image below. 

Changing Default Time Dimensions in MS Project

Enter Task Duration" In the Gantt chart, a user can click on the cell present below the Duration column heading and enter the task duration. 

A user can enter the Start and End date for the project and then the MS project itself calculates the duration as shown on the screen below.

MS project itself calculates the duration

In the above-mentioned screenshot, Task 6 has been scheduled for Sunday which is not comes on a working day and the task will end on Wednesday.  Here is important to note that duration will not be calculated as 3 days, it will be 4 days. 

Elapsed Duration: Elapsed duration is the time duration that elapses during the event execution which is not using any resource, microsoft projects tutorial. A normal workday includes 8 hours, elapsed workday includes 24 hours as mentioned below in the image. 

Elapsed Duration in MS Project

A user can enter this time duration by preceding any duration with an ‘e’ abbreviation. Thus, 1ew is 24 hours 7 days. 

Create Milestone: Milestones are particular points in the timeline of the project.  Milestones are used as the main progress points for managing the project success and expectations of stakeholders.  These are basically used for budget, input, and reviews. 

As per the Mathematics, microsoft projects tutorial, Milestone is a task of 0 duration. A user can insert a milestone in two different ways:

Method 1 - Insert Milestone

  • Click the task name to insert Milestone. 
  • Click Task Tab>>Insert Group>> Milestone. 

MS Project will name the new task as the ‘New Milestone’ having a 0-day duration. 

Click on the New Milestone option to change the name. 

Method 2 - Convert a Task to Milestone 

  • Click on a microsoft projects tutorial task or enter the new task under Task Name Heading.
  • Under the heading Duration, type ‘0’ days. 

Method 3 - Convert a Task to Milestone

  • Double-click on a specific task name.
  • Task Information dialog box will appear on your screen.
  • Click on the Advanced tab and choose  “Mark Task as Milestone” as mentioned in the picture below.

Mark Task as Milestone in MS Project

Create a Summary Task

A user can roll up the different tasks in the project schedule into a Summary Task. This will help the users to manage the plan in a better way as a user can organize the plan into phases. 

For example- if a user wants to group Task 4 and Task 5 into the summary Task, a user can follow the given steps:

  • Select the name of both tasks. 
  • Click the Task tab and then click on Group Insert. 
  • Click summary. 
  • MS project will create the New Summary task. Name it as Task 1. 

Link Tasks

you have made the task list for accomplishing targeted goals, you are supposed to link tasks with task relationships known as dependencies.  For example - After completion of task 1, task 2 will start, these dependencies are referred to as Links. 

There are 4 types of task dependencies as mentioned below:

  • Finish to Start (FS) 
  • Finish to Finish (FF)
  • Start To Start (SS)
  • Start to Finish (SF)

Methods to link tasks

Method 1

Select the tasks that you want to link. For example Task 1 and Task 2. Here is microsoft projects tutorial process to link tasks 

  • Click on the task tab. 
  • Schedule group. 
  • Link the tasks selected. 
  • Task 1, as well as Task 2, is linked to the FS-Finish to Start.

 Important - The Start Date of Task 2 will be a day come after the finish date of Task 1as shown below.

Tasks in MS Project

Method 2

You need to Double Click on the targeted successor task for linking. 

For example - If you have clicked Task 4. 

  • The task information dialog box display on your screen.
  • Click on the  ‘Predecessors’ tab
  • Now, you have to click on the empty cells in the table which are displayed below ‘Task Name Column. 
  • A drop-down menu will appear where all the tasks defined in the project are mentioned. 
  • Choose a Predecessor task and tap on OK.

Here we will choose task 3. 

Targeted successor task for linking in MS Project

Method 3 

Here, you need to choose the task group and link them to Finish to Start relationship. 

Choose multiple tasks microsoft projects tutorial tab >>Schedule group>> Link the Selected Tasks.

Respect Links

If you are working in a Manual Schedule Mode then, if you make any changes in the Predecessor task, the changes won’t get reflected in the start date of Task 4. For example - If task 4 starts at the same that which is the next day as the Task 3 finish date.  Then, microsoft projects tutorial, the Task 3 duration will be changed from 5 to 7 days. 

Task 4 start date will not be updated automatically. 

Switching Task – Manual to Automatic

MS Project set all the new tasks to be scheduled manually by default.   A user can microsoft projects tutorial the scheduling in two different ways 

Manual Scheduling -Manual Scheduling provides complete control to the user on task scheduling. With manual scheduling, a user can control the Start and finish date, duration.  The program will not modify the dates of tasks that are manually scheduled. 

Automatic Scheduling- Automatic Scheduling schedules the task automatically. It makes the calculation by considering the different values like duration, start, and end date automatically.  They take all the links, calendars, and constraints into the account. 

Converting Task to Automatic Schedule

A task can be converted to an Automatic schedule by following the three different methods:

Method 1 

If a user wants to change a specific task mode, microsoft projects tutorial, let’s say Task 5 then, the user needs then click on the Task Mode cell present in a similar row. After that, open the dropdown menu by clicking on the down arrow and select ‘Auto Scheduled’ as shown below.

Auto Scheduled in MS Project

Method 2

  • Click on Task. 
  • Choose Task Group and then select Auto-Schedule and the output will be. 

 Task Group in MS Project

Method 3 

  • Switch to Auto-Schedule Mode completely. 
  • Click on the New Task Status bar to toggle the plan’s scheduling mode. 
  • Select ‘Auto Scheduling Mode&rsquo.

The output will be:

Auto Scheduling Mode in MS Project

If a user wants to change the default Scheduling Mode for all-new Project Plans then:

Go to the ‘File’ tab. 

  • Click ‘Options’ and after that select ‘Scheduled’ Tab. 
  • Select ‘All-New Project’ from the scheduling microsoft projects tutorial the Dropdown menu, choose ‘Auto Scheduled’ under the New Task creates as shown below. 

Default Scheduling Mode in MS Project

Image source -

MS Project - Settings

Every user has different Settings for their MS Project. To make sure that you get the expected outcomes without any hassle, you need to perform the following settings in your MS Project. 

Important- All these are the Default Settings that come with MS Project installation. 

Step 1:Go to File>> Options. Click on the General Tab, select the Project view >> Default View. 

From the Dropdown Driver Talent Pro Crack Free Activation Key 2021, choose the ‘Gantt With Timeline’ option as mentioned below.

MS Project Settings

Step 2: Go to ‘Files’>>’ Options’>>’ Display Tab’>>’ Show Indicators and Option Button for&rsquo. 

Check all the available options as shown on the given screen.

MS Project <i>microsoft projects tutorial</i> options

Step 3:Go to ‘File’>>’Optios’>>’ Scheduled tab’>> ‘Schedule’>>’ Show Assignment Units&rsquo.

From the drop-down menu, select the ‘Percentage’ option as given below in the picture. 

Percentage option in MS Project

Step 4: Go to ‘Files’>>’Options>>’ Schedule tab’>>’ Calculation’>>’Calculate Project after each Edit&rsquo. 

Check the ‘ON’ button. 

Calculate Project in MS

Step 5: Go to ‘Files’>>’Options>>’ Save Tab’>>’ Save Projects’>>’ Save Files In this format&rsquo. 

Choose ‘ Project (*.mpp)&rsquo.

Saving Projects <b>microsoft projects tutorial</b> MS Project

Step 6: Go to ‘File’>>’Options’>>’Advanced Tab’>>’Edit&rsquo. 

Check All Options. 

Step 7: Go to  ‘File’>> ‘Options’>> ‘Advanced tab’>> ‘Display’>> ‘Show Status Bar’>> ‘Show Scroll Bar&rsquo.

Check the option ‘Scroll Bar’ and ‘Status Bar’ as shown in the picture.

Step 8: Go to ‘Resources’>> ‘Level’>> ‘Leveling Options’>>’ Leveling Calculations&rsquo.

Set it to the manual and you will see the following screen.

Leveling Calculations in MS Project

Step microsoft projects tutorial Go to ‘Resources’>> ‘Level’>> ‘Leveling Options’>>’ Leveling Calculations’>> ‘Look for the Overallocations&rsquo. 

From the drop-down menu, choose ‘Day-by-Day’ as shown below

MS Project - Useful Resources

To get additional information about the MS project, you can go through the following resources.  These resources will help you to gain an microsoft projects tutorial knowledge of MS Project 2013. 

Official website of MS Project 2013 - 

Wikipedia Reference of MS Project 2013 -

Useful Books on MS Project 2013 

Microsoft Project 2013 - The missing manual

-By Bonnie Biafore.

Microsoft Project 2013 - Plain and Simple 

-By Howard B.

Microsoft Project 2013 Step by Step

-By Chatfield. 


MS Project 2013 allows the users to schedule the tasks, assign the resources, analyze workload, track progress, and manage the budget in an effective manner. This software comes with different features that let the user execute every task in a proper manner.  There are different views supported by the MS project which let users divide the project into subtasks so that each task can be executed as per the scheduled date and time. A user can also have automatic as well as manual scheduling for task execution, microsoft projects tutorial. Thus, with the help of MS Project software, a user can manage the project efficiently. 

Microsoft Project Video Tutorials

With a 66% market share, Microsoft Project is the world's most Native Instruments FM8 Crack+ Keygen Code 2021 Free Activators used project management software. Project is part of the iconic Microsoft Office family of productivity products running on over 1 billion devices worldwide. Aspiring Project Managers will want to develop advanced knowledge of Microsoft Project microsoft projects tutorial other Microsoft Office programs. Watching video tutorials online is a popular method of learning Microsoft Project. Watching online videos and tutorials is a great way to familiarize yourself with Project’s interface and capabilities. This microsoft projects tutorial will cover a range of videos, including what they teach and where to find them.

What is Microsoft Project?

Microsoft Project is the project management software in the Microsoft Office suite of programs. Microsoft Project is the world's most widely-used project management software and has been since its release. MS Project currently has around a 66% project management software market share. Proficiency in Microsoft Project is a must-have skill for aspiring Project Managers. 

Project management is a booming field: the number of Project Manager jobs is expected to increase by over 33% over the next five years. The Project Management Institute (PMI) predicts that over 22 million new project management jobs will be created by 2027. Project management is growing rapidly because more companies recognize the need for professional help managing projects. However, there are already more Project Manager positions than employees trained in project management. 

Microsoft Project assists Project Managers in prioritizing tasks, defining expectations, delegating tasks, tracking and managing resources, creating and tracking budgets, and sharing calendars with your team. Project also includes project management methodology tools, such as kanban boards and Gantt charts. Some of Project’s major features include tools for project planning, communication and collaboration, progress tracking and reporting, roadmaps for project tracking, microsoft projects tutorial, financial management and timesheets, and resource management. 

Project is fully integrated with Microsoft Teams, microsoft projects tutorial, allowing team members to share files, microsoft projects tutorial, attend meetings, and chat easily. Its scheduling features are automatic, which can help teams stay on track with less direct supervision from the Project Manager. Project also incorporates the cutting-edge Microsoft Power Faststone capture 9.3 full crack dashboard, allowing project teams to visualize and analyze data in real-time. 

While Microsoft Project may seem easy to learn because of its familiar Microsoft Office interface, you will need to learn its advanced features to use it effectively. Senior Project Managers praise its power to manage multiple complex projects. Developing your ability to manage complex projects is the key to a successful career in project management. 

One of the biggest advantages of Microsoft Project is its full integration with other Microsoft Office programs. Microsoft Office is the most widely-used software suite in the world. If you’re serious about pursuing project management as a career, you’ll want to consider training in the entire suite of programs, including Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. 

Read more about what Microsoft Project is and why you should learn it.

What Can You Do with Microsoft Project?

Project management is a hot career path: the Project Management Institute (PMI) predicts that over 22 million new Project Manager jobs will be created by 2027. Even without this 33% increase in job positions, there is already a significant talent gap in project management, with more microsoft projects tutorial seeking Project Managers than qualified candidates. 

Another perk of a career in project management is a high salary: the average salary for a Project Manager is around $116,000 annually. That is more than double the national average of approximately $50,000 across all occupations. Training in project management could lead to a lucrative career. 

Project Managers need microsoft projects tutorial have many skills, including soft skills such as communication, leadership, and time management. Project Managers will also need to have advanced skills using Microsoft Project, the world’s most widely-used project management software tool, for decades. 

Microsoft Project is the industry standard for managing complex and multiple projects. Its powerful project management features include interactive dashboards for project monitoring, integrated project timeline, task prioritization and delegation, team dashboard, report generation, resource tracking and management, and the Master Project Plan for managing multiple projects.

Why Are Video Tutorials Helpful When Learning Microsoft Project?

Microsoft Project has been the industry standard in project management software since the 1980s. One of the reasons for Project’s enduring popularity is that it has a lot of power to manage complex projects. However, its power has the potential drawback of adding a learning curve. You won’t be able to start managing projects in Microsoft Project without some training. 

Video tutorials can be a great place to start learning Microsoft Project. They’re often free and offer training from the comfort of your home. If you’re short on time, video tutorials can be a great way to fit training into your busy schedule, microsoft projects tutorial. For example, you could microsoft projects tutorial them on your lunch break, between classes, or on your morning commute. 

Video tutorials are also great for people who might experience interruptions in a live class. For example, microsoft projects tutorial, you can pause your video tutorial when your kids need attention in the other room or you receive an important phone call. 

Learning Microsoft Project through video tutorials is also recommended for visual learners and self-disciplined people. One potential drawback of video tutorials is that you’re in charge microsoft projects tutorial your education. If you’re serious about learning Microsoft Project through video tutorials, you’ll need to hold yourself accountable for your education. You’ll also need to cover the right material to develop advanced skills.

Types of Microsoft Project Videos

There are different types of video tutorials. One option is free online seminars, such as Noble Desktop. These seminars give students a great preview of their unique, hands-on approach to live online learning. All of Noble Desktop’s courses are taught by expert instructors using hands-on, real-world projects. 

In Top 10 Beginner Excel Tricks You Need To Microsoft projects tutorial, students learn advanced tips and essential tricks to take them far beyond the blank spreadsheet. Some of the things you’ll learn include data validation, duplicate removal, commands, screenshots, text formatting, and tips to speed up your work process. Graduates have Stardock WindowBlinds For Windows more advanced understanding of training in Microsoft Office products and are better prepared for more structured instruction, such as Microsoft Project Level I. 

For students who want less comprehensive training, Udemy offers several brief, introductory courses on Microsoft Project. Prices for these courses vary as different users offer them. You’ll want to make sure any class you sign up for includes comprehensive training, microsoft projects tutorial. Courses which provide a Certificate after graduation are also helpful when establishing your project management training with potential employers. 

There are free online Microsoft Project video tutorials on sites like YouTube. When training in Microsoft Project, one thing to remember is that many program versions exist, including older versions and more cloud-integrated online versions, microsoft projects tutorial. You’ll want to ensure that any video tutorials you use for training are up-to-date and do not cover an outdated version of Project. 

One of the major drawbacks of online tutorials microsoft projects tutorial that it can be challenging to ensure you’re learning the right material. You might spend time working on a version of Project that is outdated or learn the material in the wrong order. Remember that Microsoft Project is designed to assist you in carrying out the Project LifeCycle, so learning in a structured way can help with that. 

While online tutorials have some advantages, live instruction is the best way to ensure that you receive the proper training in the least amount of time. You won’t be learning unnecessary things or lessons in the wrong order. You can use Noble Desktop’s Classes Near Me Tool to discover Microsoft Project courses in your area. 

If there are no in-person Microsoft Project courses available in microsoft projects tutorial area, you might consider taking a live online class, microsoft projects tutorial. Live online Microsoft Project courses work exactly like in-person courses, which means you’ll have all the same advantages. You’ll be able to ask questions. You can interact with your instructor and your classmates in real-time. You can receive direct feedback on your work using screen-sharing software, meaning you’ll never get stuck while learning Project. It also means that you can develop advanced skills in Microsoft Project from your bedroom or anywhere. 

Career Centers offers live online Microsoft Project courses taught by expert instructors to guarantee small class sizes. In Microsoft Project Level I, students are guided through hands-on, real-world projects and develop skills in creating project plans, allocating resources for a project, task creation and organization, microsoft projects tutorial, finalizing a project plan, and essential project management concepts. When completing the course, students receive a Certificate of Completion, which is shareable on Linkedin. 

Graduates are eligible to take Career Centers’ Microsoft Project Level II course to master using Microsoft Project for complex projects. Students are guided through real-world projects to train in updating a project plan, monitoring project progress, making real-time project adjustments, creating project reports, and customizable advanced features. Graduates earn a Certificate of Completion to include on their Project Manager Resume. 

Why Learn Microsoft Project?

Learning Microsoft Project is required for aspiring Project Managers. Project has been the world's most popular project management software for decades. Harnessing Project’s advanced features for managing complex or multiple projects is a must-have skill for those pursuing project management as a career. 

When most people think of Microsoft Office, they think of Microsoft Word, microsoft projects tutorial, Excel, and PowerPoint. Microsoft’s popular suite of productivity applications also includes a project management program, Microsoft Project. One of the reasons that Microsoft Project is so powerful is that it is fully integrated with Office’s more well-known programs. 

To manage projects professionally, you’ll need advanced skills in Microsoft Project. Many Project Managers report that training in Microsoft Project improved their project management skills and ability to manage complex projects. Some of Microsoft Project’s powerful project management tools include creating schedules and plans, task delegation, budget creation and financial management, progress tracking, microsoft projects tutorial, resource management, and project analysis. 

Read more about why you should learn Microsoft Project.

How Difficult is It to Learn Microsoft Project?

Microsoft Project is significantly more difficult to learn than most other Office programs. Those programs also have more room for error: a poorly-formatted Word document still communicates the information even if it doesn’t look professional. However, Microsoft Project is essentially a relational database, microsoft projects tutorial, meaning you have to get everything right from the beginning. 

Many self-taught Microsoft Project learners struggle, especially with the program’s more advanced features. Project Managers must juggle many different tasks, which is why Microsoft Project uses a combination of tables that work together; these tables typically contain tasks, calendars, microsoft projects tutorial, and resources. Unless the project’s tables are initiated correctly, you will only produce junk data. 

There are no rigid prerequisites for training in Microsoft Project. Some recommend familiarizing yourself with other Microsoft Office products first, microsoft projects tutorial. However, you can learn Project even if you still consider yourself a beginner in Office or Excel. 

Unfortunately, there are no free versions of Microsoft Project. And although Project is part of the Office family of products, it is not included in the software suite. You can purchase a stand-alone version of Microsoft Project, allowing only one user to work locally without team collaboration. To use Project’s collaboration features, you’ll need to subscribe to one of Microsoft’s cloud-based Microsoft Project subscription plans.

Microsoft offers cloud-based Project plans, including a basic plan for $10 per user per month. However, microsoft projects tutorial, this plan has fewer features than Microsoft’s more expensive plans, including more advanced project management tools. For $30 per user per month, users also gain access to features such as resource management, desktop clients, demand management, portfolio selection, and enterprise-level resource management. 

Read about how difficult it is to learn Microsoft Project.

Learn Microsoft Project with Hands-on Training at Noble Desktop

If you’re an aspiring Project Manager, you’ll need to train in Microsoft Project. NYIM is a business, design, and coding school based in NYC. They offer tech courses and bootcamps both live online or at their state-of-the-art campus in Midtown Manhattan. 

All of NYIM’s courses have guaranteed small class sizes and are taught by instructors who are experts in their industry. NYIM uses a unique hands-on approach in which instructors give a “micro-lecture” and then immediately guide students through applying what they learned using real-world projects. Graduates can take advantage of NYIM’s “free retake” option, which allows them to retake the course for free for up to one year to refresh or further develop skills. 

Live online courses are a great option if you don’t live in the NYC area. Because the class is happening live, it works exactly like an in-person class: you’ll be able to ask questions, interact with your instructor and classmates in real-time, and even receive direct feedback on your work using screen-sharing software. 

NYIM offers many options for learning Microsoft Project and the other programs in the Microsoft Office suite. In their Microsoft Project Level I course, students learn essential project management concepts and the fundamentals of using Microsoft Project to manage projects. Some of the Project skills that graduates will develop include defining projects, creating and organizing tasks, analyzing task relationships, creating a work breakdown structure, creating a resource calendar, resource management, creating baselines, sharing project plans, and finalizing project plans. Graduates earn a Certificate of Completion, which is sharable on Linkedin and your Project Manager Resume. 

NYIM’s Microsoft Project Level II covers more advanced techniques, including managing multiple projects. Instructors guide students through hands-on projects to develop skills using Microsoft projects tutorial Project to execute a project, monitor progress, control a project plan, create progress reports, and use advanced customized features. Graduates earn a Certificate of Completion to share on their Project Manager resume or Linkedin. 

If you want to study project management or pursue project management education hours toward CAPM Certification, Sumatra PDF Crack+ Activation Key Free Download 2021 should consider a course like Noble Desktop’s Project Management Bootcamp. A PMP-Certified instructor trains students in project management theories and methodologies to help them launch a new career as Project Managers. Topics covered include the Project Management LifeCycle, project scope, project planning, resource management, risk management, financial management, team management, and becoming a professional Project Manager.

MS Project Tutorial

MS Project Tutorial

MS Project, microsoft projects tutorial, the project management software program by Microsoft, is a very handy tool for project managers that helps them develop a schedule, assign resources to tasks, microsoft projects tutorial, track the progress, manage the budget, and analyze workloads for an ongoing project. This tutorial discusses the various features of the software program with examples for easy understanding.

This tutorial has been designed keeping in mind the needs of beginner level MS Project user. Project managers and Project planners from varied backgrounds who have not used MS Project, especially the 2013 edition before can use this tutorial for scheduling, planning, and reporting their projects of any size. This tutorial is designed with Project Standard features, hence there is no need of Project Professional.

A basic understanding of Computers microsoft projects tutorial Windows Operating System is all it takes microsoft projects tutorial get started. Hardware: A reasonable home desktop configuration. Software: MS Project 2013 on Windows OS. (At the time of writing this tutorial, Project 2013 is not available for Mac)

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Supplemental Tutorial: Getting Started with Microsoft Project


Projects are all around us. Virtually every organization runs projects, either formally or informally. We are engaged in projects at home and at work. Across settings, planning principles and execution methodologies can offer ways in which projects can be run more effectively and efficiently. Project management provides organizations (and individuals) with the language and the frameworks for scoping projects, sequencing activities, utilizing resources, Passper for RAR Registration Code Crack Free minimizing risks. This is an introductory course on the key concepts of planning and executing projects, microsoft projects tutorial. We will identify factors that lead to project success, and learn how to plan, analyze, and manage projects, microsoft projects tutorial. Learners will be exposed to state-of-the-art methodologies and to considering the challenges of various types of projects.

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Risk Analysis, Project Planning, Planning, Management, Project Management


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Mar 19, 2018

The course provided a good introductory lessons on project planning and internet download manager firefox. The course was organized clearly with interesting exercises and the instructions were helpful. Thank you very much.


Dec 16, 2021

This is very good course to understand the fundamentals of project planning and management. The instructor explain the concept in a simple way, microsoft projects tutorial. There are good examples given to understand the course.

Taught By

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    Yael Grushka-Cockayne

    Associate Professor of Business Administration

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So what we're going to do now is we're going to try and create a MS Project, a Microsoft Project file, project plan, for our example startup project. We're going to enter the tasks. We're going to enter their durations and the precedence relationships that we've identified among them. And, hopefully, out of that we will get a Gantt chart and we microsoft projects tutorial be able to identify our critical path. And we will also have a chance to look at the network diagram, all within the tool, microsoft projects tutorial, all within MS Project, microsoft projects tutorial. So the way to start is to go to File, and open a new file as you would most Microsoft products. The first screen that you will see is the data entry table and UVK Ultra Virus Killer license ley Gantt chart on the right. This is the preferred screen to work in, in my mind. And the way to start next is to start listing your tasks. Add the names of your tasks as you identify them from the work breakdown structure. In our case, we have eight tasks. We start with the Creative, microsoft projects tutorial, [SOUND] Strategy, IT, microsoft projects tutorial, [SOUND] Fundraising, [SOUND] Marketing, Sales, [SOUND] Finance, microsoft projects tutorial finally, HR. Now, by default, we have a question mark duration, because we haven't identified the duration, so let's add the durations of these specific tasks based on our exploration of the data that we've collected. So the creative, we thought, would take 5 weeks. Strategy, 2, IT and fundraising, 4 weeks each. Marketing, 2 weeks. Sales, 5. Finance, 2. And finally, HR, 1 week. As you see, as I type in the durations, my Gantt chart gets automatically updated to reflect the new information that I entered. We can also see that the start date was set to January 19, and we have yet to determine a finish date because we haven't entered our precedents relationships, microsoft projects tutorial. So in this column titled Predecessors, microsoft projects tutorial, we start entering the relationships. For instance, we know that fundraising depends on the creative task being completed, so we enter task number 1. Marketing we know depends on both the creative and strategy being completed, and sales, microsoft projects tutorial, similarly. The finance task depends on both the marketing and the sales and HR depends on fundraising being done and the sales being completed. We see our Gantt chart again getting updated in real time to add the precedent's relationships and to start the microsoft projects tutorial at the earliest possible date that they can start, assuming that their predecessors have been completed. We can also add an end milestone to our project which has a duration of 0. Milestones are denoted by a duration of 0, which means that it will change, and on the Gantt chart it will appear as a diamond. We also know that this will occur when both the Finance task and the HR, microsoft projects tutorial two last tasks in our project, are done. So we can add that information as predecessors, and there we have the end of our project scheduled currently for the 10th of April. Let's add a little bit more information to our Gantt chart. Well, first maybe we want to be looking at our critical path. So, we can stand in our Gantt, right-click under the header, microsoft projects tutorial, Show or Hide Bar Styles, we select Critical Tasks. And our critical activities are then highlighted in red to denote that those are the critical tasks, those tasks create the longest path in our project and determine the completion date. A few other things that are recommended, one is to add a high level summary task, a roll up task that will tell me overall, when do I start, when do I finish and my overall duration. I would like some indication here of how long this project will take, not just in terms of the date, but also in terms of the total duration. To do that, I'm going to right-click microsoft projects tutorial top, and I'm going to insert a task, microsoft projects tutorial. I'm going to call this task, Startup Project. [SOUND] And I am going to highlight all the other tasks underneath it, and I'm going to indent them, microsoft projects tutorial. This has automatically created a summary task that basically summarizes the entire project. Our entire project is going to take 12 weeks. It will start on January 19th and it will complete on Friday, April 10th. We can also add a start milestone, if we would like to represent a point in time in which we all, all of our projects or all of our tasks are going to start. And so we, this is also a milestone, we can give it a duration of 0. And we can make our first three tasks, meaning the Creative, the Strategy and the IT, dependent on that start milestone. Perhaps if we're depending on a specific approval or a specific license in order to start, to get things started. Here we have it. We have our, our complete Gantt chart microsoft projects tutorial our starting date, our completion date, and our critical tasks highlighted. Another important view that we get from MS Project, or Babylon Pro NG Crack + License Key Free Download 2021 project management tools out there, is the network diagram. By choosing the network diagram, microsoft projects tutorial, let me collapse the boxes, so you can see a better view of this. We get an entire overview, an entire view of the network and the flow of the project from left to right as we looked at before manually to make sure that we are comfortable that our project is complete. There is a, a link between all of our tasks. There are clear dependencies. We have one start and one finish, and we can now be confident that our plan makes sense and that we're not missing any fundamental relationships.

Add tasks

  1. Click View > Gantt Chart.

  2. Type a name in the first empty Task Name field at the bottom of the task list, and press Microsoft projects tutorial src="" alt="">

Want more? If adding tasks one at a time starts to take too long, you can also:

Outline tasks

Indent and outdent tasks to show hierarchy — that is, to turn your task list into an outline of your project. An indented task becomes a subtask of the task above it, microsoft projects tutorial, which becomes a summary task.

  1. Click View > Gantt Chart.

  2. In the Task Name column, click the task you want to indent.

  3. Click Task > Indent TaskIndent Task button in the ribbon.. The task becomes a subtask.

  4. Click Outdent Task to move the task back to the level of the task above it. It’s no longer a subtask.

Want more?Use subtasks and summary tasks to show phases, easily navigate through a large project, and more.

Link tasks

You can link any two tasks in a project to show their relationship (also called a task dependency). Dependencies drive the project schedule — once you link the tasks, every change you make to one affects the other, which affects the next one, and so on.

  1. Click View > Gantt Chart.

  2. Hold down Ctrl and click the two tasks you want to link (in the Task Name column).

  3. Click Effectrix Pro 1.5.5 Crack With Product Key Full Free Download [2021] > Link the Selected TasksLink Tasks button on the Task tab of the ribbon.

Want more? Project supports four kinds of task links to show different relationships. Microsoft projects tutorial to change the link type or remove the link completely?

Change your view

Project starts you off with the tried-and-true Gantt Chart, but you have dozens of other options for viewing your tasks and resources and how they’re all connected. You can change any view to meet your specific needs.

  1. Click the View tab.

  2. In the Task Views group or Resource Views group, click the view that you want to use.

  3. To see all the available views, click Gantt Chart > More Views, and then choose from the options in the More Views dialog box.

Want more? There’s a lot more to learn here! Need some help choosing the right view of your project?

Print your project

Printing a view or report in Project is similar to printing in other Office programs:

Click File > Print > Print.

Want more? Getting only the specific project information you want to share with your stakeholders into your printout can involve some prep work before you hit the print button:

Learn more

In any organization, project management is one of the most crucial aspects that should be emphasised and performed with extra care. Project management refers to the method of directing the team to accomplish established targets or goals. Managing projects systematically will ensure the expectations from a project and performance are met within the milestones. The main purpose of project management is ensuring the objectives are achieved and avoiding errors.

Microsoft Project

Microsoft has been one of the most accessible and used software around the globe, regardless of what purposes. Some people may not know but Microsoft also offers an application for managing projects, known as Microsoft Project. It is one of the most favourite and commonly used software in project management.

Microsoft Project is full of useful features that could help managing projects proactively. It has planning and scheduling features that could give a clear picture of your schedule based on priorities, criticality, and so forth. It is also equipped with a project timeline view for easy tracking of your project’s progress. Besides, it allows collaboration where files could be shared and accessed by other people.

Reporting is also easy in Microsoft Project. Customization is allowed for data and an easy generator of your reports. With all of these features, you could choose from available reporting interfaces to present your data systematically. The data could also be presented in any form available. For instance, Gantt Chart, calendar, resource usage chart, and a lot more to choose from, microsoft projects tutorial. Other than microsoft projects tutorial, Microsoft Project is equipped with resource management features which could aid in managing resources and availability. This may include the budget allocation, microsoft projects tutorial, the team members, materials needed, the meetings, and many more. You could also work on multiple projects in one platform by using Microsoft Project.

There are quite a number of tutorials or courses offered to train users in handling Microsoft Project. Project Managers may look into this list to find out more about the functions of Microsoft Project that you may be unaware of all this while. In this article, we will look at twelve of the best Microsoft Project tutorials available. We will explore on both free and paid programs. Let’s begin now.

1.   Master of Project Academy

Master of Project Academy is one of the most recommended online tutorial courses for Microsoft Project coaching. Users could join this training at their microsoft projects tutorial pace. It offers a subscription for monthly, microsoft projects tutorial, annual, and even lifetime. There is also the free training provided here which will cover the basic skills to use Microsoft Project.

The foundation package offers more than 9 hours of training with over 50 lecturers involved. The monthly fee is $47, $127 for the annual fee, and $227 for the lifetime subscription. The advanced package includes more than 8 hours of advanced course with also more than 50 experts contributing. The monthly fee is $57, the annual fee is $137, while the lifetime fee is $237.The last package is known as the  bundle package which combines both foundation and advanced packages. It comprises more than 17 hours of training by industry experts. The fee is $87 monthly, microsoft projects tutorial, $227 annually, and $377 for lifetime access.

2.   Udemy (Microsoft Project ALL: BEGINNER to EXPERT 10 Projects 9 PDU)

Udemy is known to be beginner-friendly as their target users are mostly new project managers with little to no experience of using Microsoft Project. There are over 100 lecturers who contributed training courses here. The most recent courses offered was in October 2020, named Microsoft Project ALL: BEGINNER to EXPERT 10 Projects microsoft projects tutorial PDU which offers step-by-step tutorial from the most basic skills to use MS Project to the most complex features there. This tutorial also includes video lectures, downloadable exercises, PDF, microsoft projects tutorial, and many more. There microsoft projects tutorial more than 120 lessons here with over 9 hours of instructions. The fee for this course is $139.99 but there may be a discount going on, so grab your chance while the promo is still up. This course is rated 4.5 out of 5 by more than 12,000 users.

3.   Udemy (Master Microsoft Project 2016 – 6 PDUs from a PMI REP)

Another course that you can join also consider is Master Microsoft Project 2016 – 6 PDUs from a PMI REP which is available in Udemy, microsoft projects tutorial. Its rating is 4.5, vote by over 3700 users. It has been enrolled by a total of more than 16,000 students. The price for this course is $99.99 but just like the previous course, this website may also offer discounts for some of the training available here. A total of 9 sections are offered in this course where 89 lecturers are directly involved with the coaching. Each section may comprise several lectures. The total length of courses for this training is more than 6 hours.

4.   ed2go

One of the recent courses offered in ed2go is Microsoft Project 2019. It is a self-paced online course which will take 6 months to complete. 120 course hours are offered microsoft projects tutorial this training. The fee is $795 for the whole span of 6 months. This training will teach you how to use MS Project 2019. You will then be assigned to develop a master project upon completion of quizzes and assignments. The enrolment is open and users could start anytime. The content of courses include teaching on how to plan, implement, and track project performance. They also teach on how to examine schedules microsoft projects tutorial monitor progress, and many other things important in project management.

5.   GoSkills   

The other course that you may find useful is Microsoft Project Fundamentals in GoSkills. This course will offer you the solid fundamentals to run MS Project. 44 lessons are provided here with an estimated 19 hours needed to study all materials. The video here is more than 3 hours and you will be certified upon completion. This is also a self-paced course hence the user may choose among the available choices. A free trial is offered here while the monthly fee is approximately $24 and the annual fee is around $148.


Microsoft Project tutorials in comprises of 20 courses that users could choose from. There are three skill levels with three authors who will bring users to explore four versions of MS Project. A total of more than 900 video tutorials could be accessed here with the duration ranging from 30 minutes until even longer than 9 hours. This website is linked to A one-month free trial could be subscribed to here, microsoft projects tutorial. A monthly subscription fee is around $30. However, microsoft projects tutorial, if you subscribe to the annual plan, you could save 34% since the monthly fee is only $20.

7.   Webucator

One of the trainings offered in Webucator is Microsoft projects tutorial to Microsoft Project 2019: Getting Started, microsoft projects tutorial. This is suitable for the beginner user of Microsoft Project who wishes to learn the simple and basic functions of this software. This course takes place for two days. There are three delivery methods available which are private class, live instructor online, or self-paced carlson survey software. The fee for the live class is $690 while the self-paced course will cost you $99.99. The live class will be done periodically and you are given options on the date that you wish to join. As for the private class, you may have to request the pricing through the Webucator website to learn more about the details.

8.   New Horizons

Users who enrol in Microsoft Project Training in New Horizons will be given the chance to develop the project plan, manage tasks in the application, track budget, and also learn how to combine data with other Microsoft applications. To date, there are two versions of MS Project courses available here, namely Microsoft Project 2019 which comprises of two parts, and Microsoft 2016 which consists of four parts, Mastering MS Project microsoft projects tutorial, Part 1, Half-day session of Part 1, and Part 2. The courses offered here are also self-paced. However, there is no mention of how much the fee for the courses offered on this website. You may need to check based on your residing region first before looking into the pricing.

9.   Simplilearn

The Microsoft Project 2013 Certification Training offered in Simplilearn has a high rating of 4.6 out of 5, rated by more than 2300 users. More than 11,000 students have enrolled here and left positive feedback about the courses offered here. It contains more than 11 hours of high-quality e-learning inputs with two simulation exams. More than 43 demos for MS Project tools are available, aside from the downloadable e-book. The total number of PDUs offered here is 16. It also contains more than 40 applications. There are two available options for the training. Self-paced learning allows a lifetime access to the courses with a fee of $149, microsoft projects tutorial. The second option is corporate training which delivers content in both self-paced eLearning or lead by instructors. The pricing options are flexible and offer 24/7 assistance and support for the microsoft projects tutorial LinkedIn

You may have been familiar with LinkedIn but do you know that this website also offers a long list of courses for Microsoft Project. Some of the available courses will also award you with certification which will be a great opportunity to display your qualifications to your potential employer. One of the most recommended tutorials offered here is Microsoft Project 2016 Essential Training which was initially released in 2015. The course will cost you $35, or a one-month free trial. This course is suitable for beginner and intermediate level users. The video length in this course is approximately 5 hours.

11.  Coursera (MS Project: A Deeper Dive)

If you are looking for free courses, you may want to visit the Coursera website. One of the courses, named MS Project: A Deeper Dive, offers training on necessary skills needed to run MS Project as well project management. This website only requires you to sign up to watch all the three available video tutorials. Most reviews stated that the courses are impactful and easy to follow especially for beginners. Given how it is free of charge, this course may be one of the recommended ones for beginner project managers microsoft projects tutorial just started to use MS Project. From this point onwards, you may consider joining paid courses which included more complicated features in the application.

12.   Universal Class

The Universal Class website offers a completely online and self-paced courses. A total of 18 lessons are offered here with more than 40 assignments and exams to be completed. The average time needed to complete this course is around 8 hours. The lessons in this course are printable aside from the high-definition video tutorials. Users are given six months to complete the course here. The CEU equivalent accreditation for this course is 0.8. The fee for this course is $50, however, you will not be awarded with a certificate. In microsoft projects tutorial to obtain the CEU certificate, microsoft projects tutorial, you will need to pay $75 as the fee.

Microsoft Project is one of the most used applications for project management. Due to its popularity, there is a high chance that the company you are working at or the one you plan to work at uses this professional software. Microsoft projects tutorial, having the basic skills to use this application is a must if you are a project manager, either beginner or veteran. The list before has mentioned some of the best Microsoft Project tutorials that you may want to have a look at. Some of the websites offer free courses or free trials, microsoft projects tutorial, highly recommended for the beginner project manager who lacks experience on this application. Once you have the basic skills to run this skill, it is suggested to gradually enrol in paid courses which teach on more complicated features.

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